About the team

Artist in the room is a consultancy of one.  A hands-on, experienced, artist, producer, director, manager and entrepreneur with an accomplished record of achievement working with thousands of visual and performing artists from different disciplines, generations and levels of practice.  Professionally trained, experienced, and tested in a wide and varied set of diverse conditions, constituency needs, audience dynamics and business  and governance limitations, including non-profit, for-profit, retail, and tourist-destination based business cultures.  

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About me

I am a creative and entrepreneurial catalyst who develops an artist’s original and embryonic concept(s) into a business.

My approach depends on expanding an artist's frame of reference into cross-functional strategies, which widens the understanding of an artist and their work, raises their visibility, and creates opportunities for targeted markets to engage, support and buy what the artist is putting out into the world.

Tested & Proven

I learned most of my skills in the trenches, making, doing, selling and producing art.  My ideas and solutions come directly out of what I’ve seen fail as much as I’ve seen succeed.  It is in the doing, that I believe artists learn best.  There are no guarantees for success, but avoiding the middle and the predictable, and remaining audacious, determined, flexible and continuously creative helps. 

Heightened Expertise

I am expert at understanding audience and customer dynamics as it relates to art practice, perception, and access.  I am equally adept at curating, directing and discovering unique, expressive purpose and intention in a wide range of artistic and creative practices.  Whether an Artist sole-proprietor, collaborative work enterprise, or mission-driven arts organization, I understand and can navigate the people, decision makers and audience dynamics in all kinds of unique, creative and idea-driven landscapes and cultures. 

Special Skills

Having nurtured and directed bold projects in the for-profit and non-profit fields of theatre, performance, film, and the visual arts, I am a specialist in artistic collaboration; and bring with me a corresponding proficiency in: start-up business strategies, management, marketing, promotions, audience development, web design, system applications, and film and video documentation. 

I assess and establish real expectations; research, analyze and segment your markets; examine your lead generation and sales capabilities; understand your creative, scheduling, and cash flow needs and preferences; and build a plan of action you can afford to implement, maintain, and evolve.


An Important Caviat for Artists

Think before you spend.  Do not expend energy or money on stuff you don't really need, or that is already in place and with a little effort can be amplified to signal a change in thinking.  The same applies to tasks and labor you can learn to do and manage on your own.  Impatience is unnecessarily expensive. It is better to stretch out your money and resources over a reasonably planned out period of time than incur lots of additional costs, risks, and poor results because someone in the mix needs immediate gratification.