At a Glance

Artist in the room helps working artists interested in ramping-up, jump-starting and super-charging their creative ambitions and practices.  We are a feature rich and tech-savvy agency that designs and implements solutions for the artist's inevitable hurdle generating value as easy, interesting and successful as possible.  Regardless if an artist works alone and is the sole entrepreneur and CEO, or is embedded with a diverse group of other artists and invested professionals, Artist in the room cycles in more oxygen to burn more fuel, do more work, and increase the power of your artistic undertaking.



Possible is everything

Artist in the Room's  wide range of operational, production, service and entrepreneurial stratagems gives artists and creatives the ability to set realistic expectations,  procedures,  and responsive systems tailored to their particular limits, needs and realities.  As we like to say: Possible is everything.  

We bring proven ways to strengthen the effectiveness of new, existing or revised plans, schedules, and budgets.  We know how to strategically implement and promote value-added experiences for audiences and customers which are authentic to you and your work.   When you work with us everything is possible, until it's not.

A professional platform

We are a professional service working every day to help artists, galleries, and new creative leaders reach out, connect, influence and grow their  markets, customers,  revenues,  and new creative opportunities.  Our approach to an artist's business is unique and successful because we help identify, translate and develop  what is unique about each artist and artistic experience before we do anything else.  Then we match that up with a bottom-line strategy for executing the work in a public square, and implementing it with the same standards and credibility found in the creative work. 


On-track and stress free

When there is an artist in the room there is no stop to the amount of new, more compelling ideas or directions being envisioned,proposed,  created, pursued, transformed, or seemingly inevitable. Our goal is to help artists and arts-driven organizations redefine and implement the actual side of their desires and turn down the chatter..  With sensible plans, tested initiatives, solid and equally flexible organizational scaffolding, we know how to keep things flowing, light, on-track and stress free.


We believe that the successful development of an energized and reliable approach to any artistic undertaking should be guided by
three concepts:


#1 Meaning

When everything feels like it is moving up to the next level artists and arts organizations must remember that it is the work and the work alone that makes this possible.  The immediacy, unity and impact of the work is what gives the room that strong, physical pulse everyone feels; an excitement for what happens next; a thrill that something is about to blossom.  The artist, their collaborators or organization, has achieved something that will have worth for a long time.  It has purpose and meaning.  It should be grasped close and nourished.  Unfortunately, none of that, gives it value.


#2  Value

An artistic occurrence or idea comes before there is a known demand for it, its value is a consequence; and for artistic undertakings it is a consequence of engagement with a public, private or critical marketplace, and the value-added reactions that ensue.

The credibility of a creative endeavor is based in the specific work itself; its authenticity tied to its uniqueness.  Value, on the other hand is determined by the reverse: a common acceptance of broad, all-purpose measurements, comparisons and testable results. 

Raise your expectations for what you want to generate when you engage with public, or private markets, just like you did when it came to the creative work needed to make the work matter.  No one can take care of your business better than you, and for artists or arts organizations anxious and ready to leap up and engage, you need to expand the work of ambition.


#3  Ambition

Ambition, as in the phrase creative ambition, cannot be limited to just what you create.  It has to be invested equally into what the work will generate, yearn for and aspire to.  In the race for value, combing Ambition with a regiment of smart thinking, careful gestures, and skilled and informed decisions, will get you out ahead, leading, identifying and turning limits into actual gains.  

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The real beauty of what we do

Is recognize how any one decision commits a person to a class of tactics and resources inherent to any solution's success.  These often unrewarding and even unwelcome restrictions are always more multi-faceted than expected, especially if the person is unfamiliar with the stages of execution.  As such we strongly encourage artists to exercise control over their ideas and standards by making sure that clients with little expert knowledge have interfaces to work with that are easy to use, refined and sensible enough that everyone is able to pick up the basics without any training at all.