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"First, say to yourself what you would be;

 Then do what you have to do."  

 - Epectitus, Rome, AD94

"First, say to yourself what you would be;

 Then do what you have to do."  

 - Epectitus, Rome, AD94


Providing artist sole-proprietors and artist-driven organizations the methods and resources to ramp up, jump start and super-charge their creative ambitions, practices and prospects.

Every artist and arts-driven organization should continuously redefine what’s possible for themselves, their company, their community, and the world.  

1.  Financial, resource and business organization and planning

2.  Media, communication and marketing tactics

3.  Exhibition, program, and cultural enterprises and outreach

4.  Sales, marketing and promotional initiatives

5.  Community, educational, and business to business partnerships 

6.  Patron and audience relationship maintenance, fulfillment and expansion

7.  Archive and experimental documentation, publication design and video production





We pump you up with as many strategic advantages that you can successfully implement and afford, including:

When everything feels like it is moving up to the next level artists and arts organizations would do well to recognize that it is the work, and the work alone, that makes this happen.  The immediacy, unity and impact of the work gives it that strong, healthy physical pulse everyone around it can feel.  You, your collaborators or organization have achieved something that will have worth for a long time.  It has purpose and meaning.


Unfortunately, none of that gives it value. 


Value comes as a consequence of active engagement with a public, private or critical market place.  Value tests your resources, your aim and your preparation; it tests the durability and endurance of creative ambitions.


The nature of artistic undertakings 


to take you to redefining what is possible.





We offer professional ways to strengthen how you plan, schedule, budget, and promote your creative opportunities.  We can be the difference between realizing your creative aspirations in dynamic actuality, or watching them slowly fade out of reach.


Artist in the Room's  wide range of operational, production, service and entrepreneurial stratagems gives artists and creatives the ability to set realistic expectations, procedures,  and responsive systems tailored to their particular needs, realities and measures of success.




You've got to know normal before you break normal

Artist in the Room will design an affordable approach and a workable timeline to gather and deploy new information, assemble new networks of relevant resources, contacts and venues, and assess and evaluate your given conditions.


Artist in the room will help improve your lead-generation, grow your customer base, increase revenues, promote career and organizational visibility, and develop new opportunities for the future.  


Artist in the room will help you redefine what is possible.