"A one stop business lab, tool shop and innovation zone for visual artists."



Every day I help visual artists to connect with and influence their customers, their future, and their ability to innovate, promote and succeed with a career that is continuously creative.  This is because I know three important and field tested realities:


‚ÄčONE:  When your business has an artist in the room (yourself or others) the need for self-expression shapes and defines the content, products and services of your operation long before market and consumer motivations come to play. In short, the passion for the art comes first and the business of  marketing the supply follows.


TWO:  Whether the artist manages their business alone as a sole proprietor, or employs outside representatives,  there are fundamental applications that secure success and have the ability to evolve as the artist evolves, regardless of the art's content or conceptual notions.  


THREE:  Assessing and establishing real expectations, implementing an entrepreneurial vision and plan, setting deadlines and schedules, and executing operational and financial strategies ensure credibility and quality results.





"First, say to yourself what you would be;

 Then do what you have to do."  

 - Epectitus, Rome, AD94

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