Talking out the strength of the story behind your work.  Discussing issues related to improving productivity such as time and organizational administration, scheduling, home-studio or office practices, employee and vendor management, and messaging or contract precision.


Also good for dealing with an immediate issue requiring resolution, getting a second opinion on options or alternative directions, and understanding the concerns and working cultures of targeted audiences. 

PHONE PLANS are highly effective, intensive and action oriented management calls. They give you a way to commit and schedule a time to come to the table, make critical decisions and assess new opportunities with an experienced professional. 


Committing to a series of weekly conversations is a motivating and productive process that keeps you focused and on plan.  They are also an excellent way to articulate your thoughts, ask questions and perhaps, begin an ongoing management relationship.  If you are in a 50 mile driving radius I can come to you for in person meetings instead of using the phone/Skype. 








One Hour Conversation - $40.00


An hour conversation allows you to address challenges you are facing now and provide strategies designed to help you overcome them.  You need some expert, friendly and consistent guidance, along with an outside perspective to push you forward.

Good for . . .

An artist-entrepreneur who wants to plan and discuss the best way to present their work to the world online, in person and in writing.  


Also good for an artist and sole-proprietor ready to make a small but effective investment in themselves and their business.  Excellent for someone seriously interested in clarifying goals, understanding how their business is unique, developing sustainable skills to drive the business further, and building an analytic process which allows them to test before they leap.  



30 Minute Chat 


You want this phone call to focus on one burning question, concern, or concept you are struggling with. It is very possible to solve and fix something in 30 minutes, just like it is possible that talking out loud for 30 minutes can lead to other improvements. Good for . . .

LOOKING IS FREE       All Rights Reserved Artist in the Room, Inc. @ 2015    | LEGACY ART COLLECTIONS

LOOKING IS FREE       All Rights Reserved Artist in the Room, Inc. @ 2017    | LEGACY ART COLLECTIONS

"First, say to yourself what you would be;

 Then do what you have to do."  

 - Epectitus, Rome, AD94

Four Hour Intensive - $120.00


Four weeks, four one hour conversations, and email support outside the scheduled sessions.