The Center for Attention’s mission is to provide a creative environment for artists and members of a local community to creatively interact about ideas of social, ecological, and cultural identity.  With attention, the opportunity for social dialogue between communities and artists can produce a new level of powerful and compassionate individual and communal growth.

With that goal in mind, The Center for Attention will provide an artist with a 4-10 week residence in the Anthony Joseph House in Key West, FL.  Each guest artist:

  1. Will be presented with a specific local community concern and a local guide to introduce them to the public and private representatives of the different sides and solutions being advocated in the social and public realms of the community. This is the artist’s opportunity to develop relationships with the people in the community.
  2. Will construct or create an installation or future exhibit that responds to the experience of their residence.
  3. In addition to residence, receives support for the purchase of selected materials.

The Anthony Joseph House – Center for Attention Guest Residence, provides the artist with both an indoor private studio and outdoor work and installation space.

More than 1,400 doodles were submitted for the Doodle Auction.  They were randomly divided into three groups.  Each of the three participating artists received one of the groups of doodles from which to choose the one doodle that inspires them to create an original work of art.


Instructions to the Artists:

The Doodle you pick should serve as an inspiration for your own work.  You do not need to choose a Doodle that reminds you of your work, as it is not necessary or important that a copy of someone else’s drawing be recreated.  Instead, you should look for something in a Doodle that resonates within you.


This is not about choosing a “winner” (as in choosing the Doodle you like the best, or rewarding someone’s creativity as would happen in a juried process).  This is about choosing a Doodle in which the spirit of the piece inspires something in you.  You may create a work in any medium and in any representational manner, whether it be a realistic rendition of the actual Doodle, whether it includes a good sized portion of the original Doodle, or whether it includes merely a line or small segment of the original.



This is about ideas sparking other ideas.

artist in the room (dot) com

international human form show

Patrick Mimran's Vertigo

“Here lies the importance of art: to arouse questions in the spectator, even if at the beginning there is only pleasure or displeasure.” – Patrick Mimran

Patrick Mimran has conceived a powerful visual approach, based on video and large scale photographs, and centered on vertigo's heightened energy. In Mimran's pieces the experience of losing control, of free falling, slips before our eyes. His works act as a kind of echo of the unceasing flow of images that accompany us and wedge their way into our lives, whether we like it or not, the most powerful centers of which are to be found in sex and consumerism. The thread of desire creates a nexus of union in the sketchy circularity that exists between these two centers. As well as an authoritarian field of control and interference, where the various facets of power can function, which tends to repress the transgressive aspects of desire, its configuration as vertigo, reducing it to a level of banality and submissiveness.

In this same ambivalent spirit, it is also permissible to read one of the 15' x 30' billboards put up by the artist on the side of the Paradeisos Center in Miami, as a visual offering seen by all given its size and highly strategic location: “Collectors want to be dealers, dealers hope to be starts, and curators dream to be artists." On reading such a declaration, the passer-by visiting the galleries in the district smiles while being deeply troubled even though the proposal is humoristic because the true value of art lies in belief.

Patrick Mimran, as far as possible, does not disclaim all convictions. If the interpretation of his sentences is left open and supposed as such, their content no less suggests that there can still be a debate about it. This debate, as the billboards well demonstrate, does not have as its unique and exclusive subject the single question of the dealing and material aspects of the representation of art. Numerous sentences bill boarded by the artist doubtless have the naive and incendiary purpose of sapping the credibility that the dealer system requires from the public in order to make a profit from works of art. Others however, have the purpose of inviting reflections on the dual paths of poetical and esthetic analysis.

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A Visual Sales Tool


The Teen Focus Foundation is dedicated to the development and implementation of new and existing resources, tools, and programs which engage and challenge our diverse community of high school students on a creative, interpersonal, educational, and interest oriented basis.  One of the unique objectives of TFF is to undertake only projects which can become self-sustaining. 


TFF’s current Project for Action is to help reinvigorate the old Boys and Girls Club 4,500 square foot facility as a safe and secure gathering place for all High School students.  Our plans for the Center are inventive and unique: a moveable sculpture of 16 televisions, with multiple hubs for Gaming competitions; a sound booth for recording music and voice; an internet café; billiard tables; a full concert stage with lighting and sound updates; classic arcade machines; a free-wall for rotating graffiti art; a raised walkway/platform and outdoor track for gas powered RC car racing; a chess and other board competition pavilion; a fashion walkway; and more.  “Think a combination of Friends, Anime Art, and a very cool NYC music club.”